WWE 2024: Five Superstars Poised for Championship Success

Exploring WWE's Potential Stars on the Rise in 2024.

by Noman Rasool
WWE 2024: Five Superstars Poised for Championship Success
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The dawn of a new year heralds fresh prospects for WWE Superstars, particularly for those currently underutilized. With recent changes in WWE's management, Triple H has taken the reins of creative direction, signaling potential shifts in the wrestling landscape.

Reflecting on Triple H's own career trajectory, from an early "jobber" to a renowned superstar, it's conceivable that he might elevate overlooked talent in 2024. Here's a look at five WWE Superstars who, despite being long shots, could surprisingly clinch championship gold this year.

Ivar, who has been somewhat adrift since his partner Erik's injury, stands out with his exceptional agility and powerful presence. With an impressive 23-year wrestling career, Ivar might not be a shoo-in for the World Heavyweight Championship, but the Intercontinental Championship seems within reach.

Fans should be intrigued by the prospect of a showdown between Ivar and Gunther.

Akira Tozawa's Potential Rise

Another underutilized talent on the RAW roster is Akira Tozawa. Known for his electrifying speed and agility, Tozawa initially made waves in the Cruiserweight division but has seen a gradual decline in his card position.

His dedication and adaptability to any storyline position him as a potential breakout star in 2024. Xavier Woods, often overshadowed within The New Day faction, could finally achieve parity with former stablemates Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Under Triple H's guidance, Woods's perceived limitations, such as his size and strong but unofficial WWE social media presence, might no longer hinder his ascent. Otis, a powerhouse with remarkable agility and charisma, has had a mixed journey since transitioning from NXT to the main roster.

Triple H's apparent fondness for Otis could mean 2024 is the year he breaks through the proverbial glass ceiling to championship glory. Jinder Mahal, a polarizing figure and former top champion, spent much of 2023 in a managerial role.

However, his recent RAW appearance against The Rock hints at a significant comeback. As a respected figure in India, a key WWE market, Mahal's ability to draw intense audience reactions could pave the way for a triumphant return to the main event scene, potentially with a championship title.

As WWE enters 2024, these five Superstars, under the creative direction of Triple H, might just surprise the world and redefine their careers with championship gold.