Finn Balor's Reaction to WWE Legend R-Truth Calling Him Scaredy-Cat Before Big Match


Finn Balor's Reaction to WWE Legend R-Truth Calling Him Scaredy-Cat Before Big Match
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WWE RAW Superstar Finn Balor recently engaged in a humorous social media exchange with R-Truth, a former 24/7 Champion and a veteran in the wrestling world. R-Truth, known for his charismatic presence and unique antics, has been ardently attempting to join the acclaimed WWE stable, The Judgment Day.

This quest gained momentum following his return at Survivor Series 2023, marked by his consistent interference with the group's activities. The latest episode of RAW saw R-Truth in conversation with Adam Pearce, during which he proposed a high-stakes match.

The suggestion was for Balor to face Tommaso Ciampa of DIY. If Balor, also known as 'The Prince,' were to lose, he and his partner Damian Priest would be compelled to defend their Undisputed Tag Team Championship against DIY.

Finn Balor Claps Back

Balor and Priest expressed their displeasure at this proposed match, leading R-Truth to teasingly label Balor a "scaredy-cat." Unfazed, Balor promptly responded to this jab on social media, humorously assuring R-Truth, "@RonKillings, I’m [sic] no scaredy cat." R-Truth's ambitions to join The Judgment Day were further highlighted in a post-match digital exclusive interview.

Following his win over JD McDonagh, he confidently proclaimed his near-certainty of becoming part of the notorious heel stable. He enthusiastically detailed the impending celebrations, which included plans for a new TV, security enhancements, a special cake, and a unique Judgment Day jacket.

R-Truth's whimsical description of his relationship with The Judgment Day faction added a touch of humor to the narrative. He described the group as his "buddies, pals, chums, compadres, amigos, partners," and expressed his belief in their tight-knit bond.

As we move through 2024, the evolving storylines of R-Truth and The Judgment Day in WWE are certainly something to watch. Their interactions, blending humor with high-stakes wrestling drama, promise to be both entertaining and unpredictable.

Fans and followers of WWE can look forward to seeing how these narratives develop and the impact they will have on the wrestling world.

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