Television Ratings Revealed for WWE Day 1 Raw Event on January 1st


Television Ratings Revealed for WWE Day 1 Raw Event on January 1st
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WWE's Day 1 episode of RAW, aired on January 1st, certainly made waves in the wrestling world, offering many exciting moments and matches. The viewership figures are now in, and they paint a picture of success for the event.

According to the latest data from Wrestlenomics, this episode attracted an impressive 1,751,000 viewers, achieving a .60 rating in the key 18-49 demographic. This marks a significant increase from the previous week's best-of episode, which had averaged 698,000 viewers with a .18 demographic rating.

The RAW episode in question was exceptionally remarkable for several reasons. It showcased high-stakes, intense matches, such as the Women's World Title defense and the World Heavyweight Title bout, drawing in a large number of viewers.

What made this episode even more electrifying was the unexpected return of the wrestling icon, The Rock. His comeback to the ring after a prolonged absence caused a massive stir on the internet, leading to a viral reaction among fans and wrestling communities.

This surprise appearance by The Rock was a significant factor in the notable increase in viewership for this episode.

WWE RAW Viewership Trends

Looking at the viewership trend over the past weeks provides exciting insights.

The December 25th best-of episode's lower figures were an anomaly, likely affected by the holiday season. The December 18th episode, in contrast, drew 1.562 million viewers with a .47 in the 18-49 demographic, showing a recovery from the previous week's decline.

The December 11th episode had seen a slight drop in viewership, attracting 1,466,000 viewers and a .46 demographic rating. However, this followed a more robust performance on December 4th, with 1.533 million viewers and a .49 rating in the key demographic.

Notably, the November 27th episode had set a high bar, pulling in 1,884,000 viewers and a .65 rating. As WWE forges into 2024, the momentum is on their side. The increase in viewership for the Day 1 episode of RAW is a testament to WWE's ability to captivate audiences with compelling storylines and high-quality wrestling.

Fans and analysts alike will be keenly watching to see how the brand continues to evolve and attract viewers. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest updates and insights on WWE as we bring you the freshest news in professional wrestling.