Perry Saturn on Recovering from CTE And Drug Addiction

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Perry Saturn on Recovering from CTE And Drug Addiction

Perry Saturn was at the New England Wrestling Fan Fest. He was interviewed by Bill Apter over there. Saturn was a top ECW and WCW performer back in his time. Saturn spoke about his health and how he is recovering. He had problems in the past with drug addiction.

Saturn stated that those issues are in the past and that he is recovering from CTE. "I don't have [the drug problem] anymore," Saturn said. "Nothing's going on now. I'm recovering. Getting better from the CTE.

Huge gains. Gotten a lot better. It was very bleak at first. Some people, it goes good for. Some people, it doesn't. I was one of the lucky ones." Saturn also lost his home during some point in his wrestling career. He came back from that and now has a home in Minnesota.

"I have my own house," Saturn said. "I moved [to Minnesota] with my wife because her family is there." He was with the WCW and the ECW during their peak eras. In ECW, he had a few of his career’s best moment.

He recalled the day he defeated Sabu and Rob Van Dam and a ladder match. "Me and John defeating Sabu with [Rob] Van Dam," Saturn said. "We got up on the ladders and held up the belts and the people were very receptive."