Matt Riddle Discusses Adapting His Wrestling Style Post-WWE


Matt Riddle Discusses Adapting His Wrestling Style Post-WWE
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Matt Riddle, the renowned "King of Bros," has embarked on a journey of reinvention following his release from WWE in September. The wrestling world buzzed with speculation about Riddle's next steps, and he has certainly delivered a surprise.

Shunning expectations of joining AEW, Riddle is set to make his mark in Major League Wrestling (MLW). His much-anticipated return is slated for January 6th at MLW Kings of Colosseum, where he will face Jacob Fatu. In a candid interview with Ryan Gaydos of Fox News, Riddle opened up about his post-WWE ambitions.

Reflecting on his time with the company, he voiced a desire to shift away from the entertainment-heavy aspect of wrestling. This change signifies a move from the 'goofball' persona he cultivated in WWE to a focus on his pure wrestling skills.

As 2024 dawns, Riddle is eager to redefine his wrestling career, aiming to showcase a more serious and genuine side in the ring.

Riddle's Renewed Focus

“The last couple of months have been a period of introspection and growth,” said Riddle.

“I've had a long, consistent run in wrestling, from my days on the indies and my time in WWE. But the past three months have been a welcome break. I welcomed a new son, Matthew, into my life and it was a time to reset. Now, as the New Year unfolds, I'm ready to get back to what I love doing.

My focus is on demonstrating my in-ring capabilities, presenting a version of myself that's true to my skills rather than the light-hearted character previously seen on TV”. The circumstances leading to Riddle's WWE release were complex.

Internal issues culminated in an incident at JFK Airport, where he was involved in an inebriated episode while returning from WWE's event in India. Despite previous support from WWE management, this proved to be a tipping point.

His return to WWE a few months earlier, following a hiatus for rehab, wasn't enough to salvage his standing with the company. Despite these challenges, the indie wrestling scene has welcomed Riddle with open arms. He's already lined up exciting matches, including a first-time showdown with RVD in March.

His MLW engagement promises to be a fruitful venture, ensuring that Riddle remains a prominent figure in the wrestling world post-WWE.

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