Kurt Angle Discusses Reasons for Not Returning to WWE


Kurt Angle Discusses Reasons for Not Returning to WWE
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WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Kurt Angle has definitively stated he will not be returning to the ring for any more matches. This announcement comes following his recent appearance at Steel City Con, where Angle provided insights into his decision to step away from wrestling for good.

Angle, an Olympic gold medalist, reflected on his transition to TNA after his stint with WWE. He appreciated TNA's less demanding schedule, which allowed him more family time, including frequent trips to Disney World with his children.

However, the primary reason for his retirement, as Angle explained, was the inevitable decline in his wrestling performance. Known for his exceptional in-ring skills, Angle expressed a desire to preserve his legacy and not diminish it by presenting a lesser version of himself to fans.

"I went back to the WWE in 2017, and it was the perfect moment for a return. My induction into the Hall of Fame was a highlight, but I was aware that I wasn't the wrestler I once was. That's the reason behind my retirement," Angle candidly shared.

"I've lost a step and didn't want fans to remember me as a broken-down old wrestler. So, I made the decision to retire early and never looked back."

Angle's Different Path

Unlike some of his peers, like Ric Flair and the late Terry Funk, who continued to wrestle well into their later years, Angle has chosen a different path.

"There are wrestlers who keep coming back. Ric Flair, Terry Funk, he had about 30 retirement matches. But that's not me. I won't be stepping foot in the ring again unless it's for a promo," Angle remarked. Angle's wrestling career has not been without its physical toll.

He has undergone surgeries on both knees and his back in recent years and is preparing for upcoming neck and shoulder surgeries. His last WWE match was at WrestleMania 35 in 2019, where he faced Baron Corbin. Kurt Angle's decision to hang up his boots is a significant moment in wrestling history, marking the end of an era for one of the sport's most celebrated athletes.

His choice to step away while still able to maintain his legacy and focus on his health and family is a testament to his character and the indelible mark he has left on the wrestling world.

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