WWE Legend Praises Booking of Kevin Owens' Crucial SmackDown Match (Exclusive)


WWE Legend Praises Booking of Kevin Owens' Crucial SmackDown Match (Exclusive)
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In a riveting showdown on SmackDown, Kevin Owens emerged victorious in the United States Championship #1 contender tournament finals, overcoming Santos Escobar in a fiercely contested battle. The match, witnessed by the current US Champion Logan Paul, who was present ringside providing commentary, was a testament to the high-caliber talent within WWE.

Owens, known as "The Prizefighter," displayed resilience and tactical acumen, despite Escobar's strategic targeting of his injured arm. The match culminated in a dramatic finale, with Owens securing his win through a formidable Pop-Up Powerbomb followed by his signature Stunner.

This victory sets the stage for an intense confrontation with Logan Paul at the upcoming Royal Rumble 2024 Premium Live Event.

Mantell Commends Match Execution

Renowned former WWE manager Dutch Mantell, on the latest episode of Smack Talk, lauded the match's execution and the storyline development.

He praised WWE's booking, emphasizing how the match's outcome seamlessly led to heightened tension between Owens and Paul. "Oh, it was a good match. And they didn't drag out the finish. Bam, let's go. They told the story. Now they have a reason to book the match.

I liked it. So, it did its job," Mantell commented. The encounter's conclusion was marked by a heated exchange between Owens and Paul. After the match, Paul attempted to belittle Owens, mocking his exhaustion and boasting about his 60-day reign as champion.

However, Owens, undeterred and fueled by determination, responded decisively by striking Paul with the cast on his hand. This burgeoning rivalry promises to be a highlight in the lead-up to the Royal Rumble, capturing the attention of WWE fans worldwide.

The intensity of this feud, coupled with the athletes' exceptional in-ring abilities, is expected to deliver an electrifying match at the Royal Rumble event. As the anticipation builds, fans are eagerly awaiting the next developments in this compelling storyline, which is shaping up to be one of the most talked-about narratives in the WWE universe.

The road to the Royal Rumble is paved with excitement and high stakes, and this rivalry is a prime example of the thrilling action WWE consistently delivers to its global audience.

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