Wrestling Highlights (Jan. 6, 2024): Moné, Trinity, MJF Updates!


Wrestling Highlights (Jan. 6, 2024): Moné, Trinity, MJF Updates!
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the buzz of rumors and speculations often rivals the excitement inside the ring. Today, we delve into some of the most talked-about developments and potential shifts in the landscape of pro wrestling.

Mercedes Moné, a name that resonates with wrestling enthusiasts worldwide, is currently at the center of a major tug-of-war. Sources from WWE, as reported by PW Insider, have expressed strong interest in bringing Moné back into their fold.

The insider's confidence is palpable, yet they cautiously remind us that in the wrestling world, nothing is set in stone until the ink dries on the contract.

Moné's Bidding War Escalates

In an intriguing twist, AEW, a formidable force in wrestling entertainment, has also thrown their hat in the ring for Moné.

An AEW insider conveyed to PW Insider with unmistakable confidence, "If you don’t think we are in the hunt, you are crazy”. This development sets the stage for a potential bidding war, heightening the stakes in this off-ring drama.

Meanwhile, MJF, a wrestler known for his prowess and charisma, faces a critical decision regarding his health. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reveals that MJF has been advised that shoulder surgery could sideline him for nearly a year.

Faced with this daunting prospect, MJF is reportedly exploring rehabilitation options as an alternative to surgery, hoping for a faster and less invasive recovery. In other developments, WWE's recent cancellation of the NXT championship match at New Year’s Evil has been attributed to concerns over wrestler Ilja Dragunov's well-being.

Reports from the Wrestling Observer suggest that Dragunov needed a respite, prompting the decision to postpone the match. Looking ahead, WWE seems to be broadening its international partnerships. There’s a buzz about the company seeking alliances in Japan, with a particular focus on women's wrestling groups.

There's also speculation about renewed efforts to collaborate with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, especially with Hiroshi Tanahashi now at the helm as president.

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