Ted DiBiase's Shocking Betrayal of Junkyard Dog Sparks Fan Frenzy


Ted DiBiase's Shocking Betrayal of Junkyard Dog Sparks Fan Frenzy
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In a remarkable revelation on his "Everybody's Got A Pod" podcast, WWE legend Ted DiBiase reminisced about one of the most pivotal moments in his wrestling career – his notorious heel turn against the late Junkyard Dog (JYD), a move that not only altered his persona in the ring but also left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.

DiBiase, known for his captivating in-ring performances, shared insights into the dramatic shift in his wrestling career during the 1980s. He had been a fan favorite, a 'babyface', in Mid-South Wrestling since its inception.

His return to Mid-South, however, was marked by a significant twist. "I had been a babyface in Mid-South from the very beginning," DiBiase recalled. "But when I turned heel on Junkyard Dog, that was probably, in terms of drawing and money-making for territorial wrestling, that was the best." This heel turn against JYD, a beloved figure, especially among the predominantly Black audience in New Orleans, represented a seismic shift in the wrestling landscape.

DiBiase, until then revered by the fans, experienced a dramatic change in public perception. "The crowd in New Orleans was about 90 percent black, and they loved JYD, right? Up until then, they had loved me," he noted, reflecting on the profound impact of his actions.

Fans React to Betrayal

The aftermath of this betrayal was not just confined to the wrestling ring. DiBiase shared an incident highlighting the extent of fan reaction. Anticipating backlash, he avoided driving his car to New Orleans for the show, fearing vandalism.

Post-match, having secured the Mid-South North American Championship using a loaded glove against Dog, he received startling news from the late Grizzly Smith, a key behind-the-scenes figure in Mid-South. Smith informed DiBiase that his car had been targeted by fans, with all tires slashed in retaliation for his shocking turn.

This incident underscores the intense emotional investment fans had in the characters and storylines of wrestling during that era. DiBiase's candid recollections offer a unique glimpse into the passionate and sometimes volatile world of professional wrestling, where the lines between performance and reality often blurred, evoking strong reactions from its dedicated fan base.

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