nZo Quashes Rumors of Feud with Former AEW Wrestler


nZo Quashes Rumors of Feud with Former AEW Wrestler
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Former WWE star Enzo Amore, popularly known as nZo in wrestling circles, recently addressed rumors surrounding a purported feud with ex-AEW wrestler Joey Janela. These rumors, which suggested a potential hindrance to nZo's transition to AEW, have been swirling in the wrestling community, but nZo has unequivocally dismissed them.

Speaking at the "K&S WrestleFest," nZo clarified that there was no ongoing conflict between him and Janela. The origin of these rumors can be traced back to a brief altercation captured on video during a music concert.

However, nZo clarified the incident, emphasizing his readiness to defend himself if provoked. "There was never a beef, guys," he said. "If you walk up to me and say you want to fight, I'm naturally going to be on guard. That's just how I am, regardless of who you are."

nZo Dismisses Feud

nZo further downplayed the significance of the incident, pointing out that the clip was merely eight seconds long.

He revealed that when he later encountered Janela in a public setting, they actually exchanged a handshake. "That was not beef. I don't harbor animosity or hatred towards anyone. Life's too short for that," he added. Joey Janela, the other party involved, has also publicly spoken about the incident, taking responsibility for his actions.

He acknowledged that he was under the influence at the time and admitted to instigating the altercation with nZo. It wasn't until the video went viral the following day that Janela fully grasped the extent of what had transpired.

This clarification from nZo is a significant step in dispelling the rumors of a rift between him and Janela. It also sheds light on nZo's current mindset post-WWE, highlighting his focus on positivity and moving forward. Fans of professional wrestling, particularly those following the careers of former WWE and AEW stars, will find this development noteworthy, as it speaks volumes about the realities of the wrestling industry and the personal growth of its athletes.