Prichard on WWE Repackaging Wrestlers

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Prichard on WWE Repackaging Wrestlers

WWE tried to repackage a few of its longtime Superstars for its fans in the 90s. New gimmicks were given to the wrestlers as the WWE felt like the old ones were getting stale. ito Santana, became El Matador, and Tony Atlas, became Saba Simba as a result of this.

The WWE went ahead with it even though the old gimmicks were not doing all that bad. Bruce Prichard, who was a WWE Executive at that time, spoke about this on his Something to Wrestle podcast. "Saba Simba, Tony Atlas, same thing.

I think that Tony was looking to revive his career but Tony Atlas as Tony Atlas was so recognizable. Tito Santana was El Matador, it wasn't like we were trying to hide Tito Santana and Tony Atlas as Saba Simba, it just didn't fit.

He was Mr. USA who was from Roanoke, Virginia and that one was just a harder sell and flew in the face of everything and wasn't good. It didn't last long thank God." The WWE still does this and it sometimes turns out really well for the company and the star.

It is true that the WWE creative team isn’t doing that well these days, but that might be due to Vince McMahon’s constant interference. The WWE is still trying its best to keep its fans and doing whatever it can to lock down its talents.