Arn Anderson Discusses Future Plans for Son Brock Post-AEW Departure


Arn Anderson Discusses Future Plans for Son Brock Post-AEW Departure
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In a recent episode of his podcast, "ARN," WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson opened up about the career trajectory of his son, Brock Anderson, following his departure from All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Emphasizing the importance of gaining more in-ring experience, Arn highlighted the need for Brock to navigate his path in the wrestling world independently.

The conversation centered on Brock's journey in the wrestling industry, where his father pointed out the crucial aspect of gaining practical experience. "He's going to have to make his own decisions on the options that he has," Arn commented.

He further stressed the significance of Brock acquiring more 'seasoning' in the ring, away from the high pressures of major wrestling promotions. "With the pressures off, he needs to learn more of the mechanics," Arn said, affirming his son's capability in the technical aspects of wrestling but underscoring the necessity of actual ring time to hone these skills.

Arn's Insight: Ring Time

Arn Anderson, a seasoned veteran, believes that like many before him, Brock's primary need is time spent in the ring. "That's all that's missing," Arn stated, "and it's the same thing that was missing with everybody that's ever put on a pair of boots.

You have to have time in to get better." Further advice from the wrestling legend included the importance of Brock engaging with a diverse range of opponents, suggesting that this would contribute significantly to his development as a wrestler.

Brock, who is 26 years old, was last seen in action at the WrestleCade SuperShow in November 2023, where he and C.W. Anderson triumphed over The Hughes Bros. Arn also acknowledged the reality of the wrestling business, where unexpected opportunities could arise.

"Not to say if somebody offered him something he couldn't refuse. That's going to be his call at the time," he added. Brock's journey with AEW concluded in October 2023 after his contract expired without renewal. Having joined AEW in June 2021, his departure has opened new avenues for him to explore and grow in the wrestling industry, under the guidance and insights of his father, a respected figure in the wrestling world.

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