Swerve Strickland Reflects on His Rising Career in AEW


Swerve Strickland Reflects on His Rising Career in AEW
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Since joining AEW in 2022, Swerve Strickland, a former WWE sensation, has made a significant impact in the wrestling world, carving a distinct path upward in the company. Reflecting on his extraordinary journey during a candid conversation on the "The State of Florida Sports Podcast," Strickland offered insights into his experiences and aspirations in AEW.

"The last couple of years have been an incredible ascent," Strickland, a former AEW World Tag Team Champion, remarked. He emphasized his personal challenge of outdoing himself each year, striving to deliver matches that eclipse his previous performances.

Strickland's Iconic Matches

Among the highlights of Strickland's tenure are his remarkable bouts with wrestling luminaries. He recounted his encounters with Adam Page, the intense #1 Contender match for the TNT Championship against Bryan Danielson, and his gripping one-on-one with Jon Moxley.

A standout moment was the exhilarating coffin match at All In, where he and Christian Cage valiantly battled the iconic duo of Sting and Darby Allin. "Performing at Wembley Stadium in front of an 80,000-strong crowd alongside true legends was beyond my wildest dreams," Strickland shared.

He credits his success to hard work, consistency, and positioning himself for such opportunities rather than setting specific goals. As Strickland looks toward 2024, his ambitions are set high. He aspires to secure the AEW World Championship, aiming to etch his name in history as one of the youngest African American World Champions on the grandest stage.

"It's a lofty goal, demanding immense effort and dedication, but it underscores the significance of this achievement," he stated. Strickland's journey in AEW is not just a testament to his in-ring prowess but also a reflection of his determination to redefine the limits of his career.

His story continues to inspire and captivate wrestling fans worldwide, as he remains a pivotal figure in the dynamic landscape of professional wrestling.

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