Bully Ray Argues WWE WrestleMania 2024 Doesn't Require The Rock's Presence


Bully Ray Argues WWE WrestleMania 2024 Doesn't Require The Rock's Presence
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In a surprising turn of events, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returned triumphantly to WWE, setting the stage for a potential showdown with Roman Reigns. However, wrestling veteran Bully Ray has thrown a curveball into the speculation, suggesting that the highly anticipated clash between these two icons should not occur at this year's WrestleMania.

Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray believed that WWE doesn't necessarily need The Rock to make WrestleMania 2024 a blockbuster event. Instead, he proposed that The Rock's presence could be better utilized to elevate a rising star within the company's ranks.

Bully Ray elaborated on this point, stating that if Roman Reigns were to defeat The Rock, it would catapult him into an even higher stratosphere of superstardom. Subsequently, if a talent like Cody were to go on and defeat Reigns, it would also propel him to new heights.

Bully Ray: WrestleMania 2024's Success Without The Rock

Nevertheless, Bully Ray remained firm in his conviction that this year's WrestleMania would be a monumental success regardless of The Rock's participation. He emphasized, "It's gonna be the biggest of all time whether The Rock is there or not." While acknowledging the possibility of The Rock's involvement, he argued that WWE has reached a point where they can rely on something other than legendary figures to draw audiences.

Bully Ray commended WWE for successfully building a new generation of stars who are undeniably legitimate talents while still being at the level of icons like Steve Austin, The Rock, or Triple H. He emphasized that these emerging stars have the potential to carry the company forward for the next five to ten years without constantly depending on the returns of legendary figures.

As the speculation surrounding The Rock's role in WrestleMania 2024 continues to swirl, it remains to be seen whether WWE will heed Bully Ray's advice and use The Rock's star power strategically to enhance their roster of emerging talent. Regardless of the outcome, this year's WrestleMania promises to be a landmark event in professional wrestling.

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