WWE Legend Kurt Angle Praises AEW Star, Advocates for Increased TV Exposure

AEW Star Britt Baker's Career Earns Wrestling Legend's Praise

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend Kurt Angle Praises AEW Star, Advocates for Increased TV Exposure
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"AEW's Britt Baker Garners High Praise from WWE Icon Kurt Angle Amid Calls for Increased Screen Presence" In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, few stars have shone as brightly as All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) Britt Baker.

Her journey through the ranks of AEW has not only captivated fans but also caught the attention of fellow Pittsburgh native and WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle. During a recent episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle expressed his admiration for Baker's accomplishments.

"Britt's doing a great job, I'm really proud of her, she's done great," he affirmed, highlighting the impact she's had on the wrestling world. Baker, a former AEW Women's World Champion and the 2022 Women's Owen Hart Cup winner, has been a significant force in AEW television.

However, her in-ring presence has noticeably dwindled since September. Notably, Baker has also been outspoken about her reduced promotional opportunities in 2023, revealing a surprising lack of promo time on AEW's flagship show, "Dynamite." This reduction in exposure is in sharp contrast to her previous high-profile positioning within the company.

Angle Backs Baker's Potential

Despite these challenges, Angle remains a steadfast supporter. "She deserves more," he conceded, also acknowledging her role as a representative of Pittsburgh in the wrestling arena. Baker's recent TV appearances have seen her elevating other talents, a decision influenced by a back injury that has sidelined her from more active competition.

Looking ahead to 2024, Baker is poised for a comeback, aiming to emulate Angle's legacy as a prominent figure in wrestling hailing from Pittsburgh. Her journey reflects the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where resilience and adaptability are key.

As she navigates her way back to the forefront of AEW, fans and industry veterans alike will be watching, anticipating her next move in what promises to be a compelling chapter in her career.

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