Tommy Dreamer Weighs In on NXT Title Change


Tommy Dreamer Weighs In on NXT Title Change
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Tommy Dreamer, a renowned wrestling figure, recently admired the rising star Oba Femi, the new "WWE NXT" North American Champion, following his remarkable performance in the latest episode. Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Dreamer commended Femi for his impressive start to the year and specifically lauded the match on the NXT brand.

He noted the exceptional support Femi, at just 22 years old, is receiving so early in his career. Dreamer highlighted Femi's standout performance. "The guy shined in his match. From what I've seen of his work so far, I've thoroughly enjoyed it," he commented.

Dreamer, known for his candid insights, shared his mixed feelings about the match's dynamics. "I'm not a fan of a babyface cashing in on another babyface, but the audience's shock and happiness were palpable. I preferred seeing Lexis King betray Dragon Lee, leading to Femi's entry.

That scenario would have thrilled the fans even more," he explained, acknowledging the unique twist in the storyline.

Tommy Dreamer Praises Lee

Dreamer didn't reserve his praise exclusively for Femi. He also acknowledged Dragon Lee's commendable performance.

Having just secured a victory against newcomer King in "NXT," Lee faced Femi in a challenging title defense. Despite the exertion from his previous match, Lee displayed formidable resilience before ultimately relinquishing his title to Femi.

Dreamer sees a bright future for Lee, who is already an influential figure in WWE's main roster as part of the Latino World Order. "Dragon Lee's performance was outstanding, as always. If he maintains his momentum, he could be the next Rey Mysterio for WWE.

He has immense potential to resonate further with the WWE Universe," Dreamer opined. This changing of guards in the NXT North American Championship marks a significant milestone for Oba Femi and signifies the dynamic and unpredictable nature of WWE NXT, keeping fans consistently engaged and excited.

Dreamer's insights highlight the talents of the individuals involved and underscore the ever-evolving narrative landscape of professional wrestling.

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