Jacqueline Discusses Potential WWE Comeback and Desired Opponents


Jacqueline Discusses Potential WWE Comeback and Desired Opponents
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WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline, in a recent episode of the Attitude Era podcast, shared her thoughts on various topics, including the possibility of her returning to the WWE ring. Jacqueline expressed enthusiasm about a potential comeback, stating, "I would hope (I could return to WWE).

Vince (McMahon), Triple H, someone, please reach out. I still have a bit of fight left in me. Just like Trish (Stratus), The Rock, and John Cena made their comebacks, why can't Jacqueline?"Her remarks reflect her readiness and her eagerness to re-enter the competitive world of WWE, a place where she has already established her legacy.

Jacqueline's WWE Dream Matches

In the same conversation, Jacqueline also shared her excitement about potentially facing current WWE talents if she makes a comeback. Her deep admiration for Charlotte Flair was evident as she effusively praised her wrestling prowess, stating, "Charlotte can wrestle at an incredibly high level in the ring." But her appreciation didn't stop there; Jacqueline also recognized Becky Lynch's remarkable talents, emphasizing her undeniable presence in the WWE landscape.

Jacqueline's insights provide valuable perspective on the exceptional skills and star power of these two accomplished WWE superstars. Another notable mention was Jade Cargill, recently signed by WWE. Jacqueline commented on Cargill's impressive look and strength, predicting a bright future for her in the company.

She also mentioned Bianca Belair, envisioning a potential high-caliber match between Cargill and Belair. Jacqueline's insights reveal her deep understanding and appreciation of the current women's roster in WWE. Her words testify to women's wrestling's ever-evolving and dynamic nature in the organization.

As a seasoned professional and a revered figure in the wrestling community, Jacqueline's potential return to WWE is a topic of great interest. Her willingness to step back into the ring and face off against the current generation of wrestlers adds an exciting possibility for fans and the wrestling world.

Her interview reflects not only her enduring passion for wrestling but also an acknowledgment of the emerging talents shaping the future of WWE. Her perspective offers a unique blend of experience and forward-looking enthusiasm, making her words noteworthy for fans and wrestling enthusiasts.