How Tony Khan's Criticisms of WWE May Be Benefiting His Rivalry with AEW


How Tony Khan's Criticisms of WWE May Be Benefiting His Rivalry with AEW
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, a spirited rivalry between titans WWE and AEW has taken center stage, captivating fans across the globe. Amidst this intense competition, Tony Khan, a prominent figure recognized for his substantial financial backing and propensity for public sparring, has emerged as a central player.

Khan's mission seems clear: positioning AEW as the ultimate adversary to WWE. However, a closer examination of his controversial remarks and frequent Twitter skirmishes reveals a rather peculiar pattern. Instead of dealing significant blows to WWE, Khan's actions may inadvertently orchestrate a symphony of self-inflicted wounds, ultimately leaving AEW somewhat bruised and bewildered.

Despite Khan's significant financial investment in AEW, there seems to be a persistent misunderstanding of the vast gap separating AEW and WWE regarding global dominance. Regardless of the magnitude of capital infusion, challenging WWE's established position as the preeminent pro wrestling organization remains an uphill battle.

AEW plays a crucial role as a viable alternative, providing diverse opportunities for wrestlers. However, Khan's public declarations often convey a sense of competition that may be more perceived than actual.

Twitter Feuds Hurt AEW

Khan's penchant for engaging in Twitter feuds with WWE has become a recurring theme, revealing a need for more restraint and strategic communication.

These social media battles have not elevated AEW's status but have damaged its credibility and public image. One notable incident occurred in April 2022 when Khan claimed that AEW detractors were merely bots paid for by an unnamed organization, widely speculated to be WWE.

This fueled a perception of AEW as insecure and defensive, leading to mockery from WWE fans, stars, and industry critics alike. In October 2023, Khan's infamous tweet targeting John Cena and The Undertaker following a ratings loss to NXT demonstrated his inability to accept defeat gracefully.

He appeared undignified in defeat by fixating on viewership numbers and making comparisons with WWE legends' appearances. This reinforced the perception of AEW's preoccupation with WWE's success and highlighted a double standard regarding AEW's reliance on ex-WWE talent for ratings boosts.

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