WWE Greg Valentine Credits AEW Figure for 'Hammer' Moniker


WWE Greg Valentine Credits AEW Figure for 'Hammer' Moniker
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Tony Schiavone, a household name among wrestling enthusiasts, has been renowned for his distinct commentary style, especially when introducing Sting's appearances. However, his contribution to the wrestling world extends beyond just memorable calls.

In an exclusive revelation, WWE Hall of Famer Greg Valentine attributes his iconic nickname 'The Hammer' to the AEW announcer, a moniker that has become synonymous with his wrestling persona.

Nickname's Origin Story

Valentine reminisced about the genesis of his nickname during his tenure in NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling.

While Bob Cottle and David Crockett were the matches' primary voices, Schiavone's unique commentary left an indelible mark. "So, he was on NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling if it wasn't Bob Cottle and David Crockett, Tony came in and started doing some of the matches too, commentating.

He would say, 'Here comes the hammer,' because I'd throw the guy outside on the floor, and I'd bring him up and back over like my dad," Valentine explained in an interview with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews." He further described how his powerful moves in the ring, like his father's, inspired Schiavone's remark, "Here comes that hammer," eventually evolving into the now-famous nickname Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine.

This nickname was more than just a tag; it became an essential element of Valentine's wrestling identity, which he proudly carried throughout his career and continues to embrace in his current appearances. Its uniqueness and resonance with fans helped Valentine distinguish himself in an era of wrestling talents.

Moreover, owning the rights to his name has proven beneficial for Valentine in terms of marketing and financial gains within the wrestling industry. He candidly shared, "Vince, of course, wouldn't bother me selling my own s**t too," highlighting his autonomy over his brand.

Valentine's story is a testament to the impact of commentators like Tony Schiavone in the wrestling world. They do more than call matches; they contribute to the legacy and branding of the wrestlers, shaping their careers in ways that resonate with fans for generations.

As Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine continues to be a revered figure in wrestling, the story behind his nickname is a tribute to the art of commentary and its enduring influence in the sport.