Ex-WWE Star Films Liv Morgan's Workout, Shares on Social Media


Ex-WWE Star Films Liv Morgan's Workout, Shares on Social Media
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Former WWE superstar Mandy Rose recently took to social media to share an engaging workout video featuring Liv Morgan. In the video, the two are seen enjoying a lighthearted moment, demonstrating the enduring friendship they maintain despite Rose's departure from WWE.

This interaction is particularly noteworthy as Mandy Rose, renowned for her remarkable 413-day reign as NXT Champion, was released from WWE shortly after losing her title to Roxanne Perez on December 13, 2022. Rose's release hasn't diminished her connections within the wrestling community.

Her recent social media activity, especially the video with Liv Morgan, exemplifies her ongoing rapport with past colleagues. Morgan, a former SmackDown Women's Champion herself, is showcased in the video exercising in her living room, with Rose highlighting Morgan's impressive strength.

Teddy Long Discusses Arrest

In recent news, WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long provided his insights on Liv Morgan's situation following her marijuana possession arrest. While speaking on the podcast "The Wrestling Time Machine," Long expressed his surprise at the extent of media attention surrounding Morgan's case.

He pointed out that marijuana is legal in numerous states, and the quantity Morgan possessed was minor. However, he acknowledged that Morgan's erratic driving, which led to the traffic stop, was a significant factor in her arrest.

Liv Morgan, currently on hiatus due to injury, has been noticeably absent from the wrestling scene. Her absence has sparked widespread speculation among fans, many of whom are hopeful for her return, possibly at the much-anticipated Royal Rumble event.

This recent incident involving Morgan underscores the strong sense of solidarity among WWE stars, while also highlighting the personal challenges they encounter outside the wrestling ring. As the wrestling world awaits Morgan's return, this event serves as a poignant reminder of the often unforeseen and dynamic aspects of the lives of WWE athletes.

As the story continues to unfold, fans and the wrestling community remain vigilant, keenly following developments. Morgan's journey, both in and out of the ring, resonates with many, illustrating the multifaceted nature of professional wrestling and its stars.

Her potential comeback to WWE could mark a significant moment, not only in her career but also in the larger narrative of the sport.

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