Sheamus Attributes Early WWE Success to Wrestling Legend's Support


Sheamus Attributes Early WWE Success to Wrestling Legend's Support
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WWE superstar Sheamus recently opened up about his meteoric rise to fame, crediting fellow wrestler John Cena for his instrumental role in securing Sheamus's first world title. This revelation came during Sheamus's appearance on "Virgin Media Sport Stories," where he discussed the unexpected turn of events at the 2009 WWE Championship match at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

Sheamus, a three-time WWE Champion, reflected on the pivotal day of the match, which was originally slated to end in his defeat. However, plans shifted dramatically, a change Sheamus attributes to Cena's influence. "Up until that day, I was losing that match, and then things changed.

Cena had a lot to do with it. Cena had a lot to do with what happened that day," Sheamus revealed. Further elaborating on Cena's role, Sheamus noted that Cena not only believed he deserved the push but also saw him as a credible and convincing adversary.

"This is someone I can do business with, someone who's believable, a believable foe to John Cena, which is what John needed," Sheamus explained. He highlighted the importance of a strong villain in wrestling narratives, a role Cena felt Sheamus could aptly fill, given the audience's strong negative reaction to him at the time.

Backstage Skepticism Revealed

Behind the scenes, Sheamus's ascent to the championship was met with mixed feelings. He previously disclosed that many backstage were skeptical about his suitability for the world champion title, leading to friction among his peers.

Over his 18-year career with WWE, Sheamus has had four world title runs, including three WWE Championships and one World Heavyweight Championship. His first victory was in the match against Cena, where he emerged victorious in a tables match.

He later clinched the title again in a fatal four-way match against Cena, Randy Orton, and Edge. In 2012, Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28 for the World Heavyweight Championship and secured another WWE Championship in 2015 by defeating Roman Reigns.

This candid insight into Sheamus's journey and Cena's influence offers a unique glimpse into the dynamics of WWE and the pivotal role of mentorship and rivalry in shaping a wrestler's career.