Steve DeBro Reflects on Tense Interview with WWE Legend Roddy Piper


Steve DeBro Reflects on Tense Interview with WWE Legend Roddy Piper
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Steve DeBro, a seasoned filmmaker, recently shared a memorable encounter with the late wrestling icon "Rowdy" Roddy Piper on "Talk Is Jericho." This intense exchange, a defining moment in DeBro's documentary journey, showcases Piper's unyielding commitment to the sanctity of wrestling's inner world.

DeBro's documentary, "18th & Grand: The Olympic Auditorium Story," delves into the rich history of Los Angeles' Olympic Auditorium, a mecca for wrestling aficionados. In a candid revelation, DeBro recalled how his interview with Piper took an unexpected turn.

Piper, known for his fervent protection of wrestling's secrets, was quick to challenge DeBro's use of insider terminology, which he had picked up from a prior interview with another wrestling legend, The Destroyer. The initial friction between DeBro and Piper stemmed from DeBro's casual use of terms like 'babyface' and 'heel,' which Piper felt the filmmaker hadn't earned the right to use.

Piper's response wasn't just verbal; in a unique twist, he turned the camera on DeBro, propelling the filmmaker into an impromptu and uncomfortable role reversal.

Piper's Insightful Interrogation

Piper's probing questions to DeBro, such as "What makes a professional wrestler successful?" and "What makes professional wrestling?" were more than mere queries.

They were a test and a teaching moment, highlighting Piper's deep respect for the craft and its traditions. Although DeBro's initial answers failed to satisfy Piper, the encounter eventually led to a mutual understanding and respect, allowing DeBro to capture Piper's invaluable insights for his documentary.

This interview wasn't just a simple Q&A session; it was a journey into the mind of one of wrestling's most brilliant characters. DeBro, who has worked with intellectual giants like George Carlin, places Piper on the same pedestal, praising his sharp intellect and deep understanding of wrestling, character development, and performance art.

The conversation also touched on Piper's legendary rivalry with the Guerreros, including his controversial rendition of "La Cucaracha" in place of the Mexican National Anthem, a move that cemented his status as a wrestling provocateur.

Despite Piper's initial discomfort and evident pain during the interview, DeBro treasures this interaction as a rare glimpse into the mind of a wrestling genius, a perspective that adds a profound depth to his documentary.

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