Savio Vega Credits Scott Hall for WWE Entry in 1994


Savio Vega Credits Scott Hall for WWE Entry in 1994
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In a poignant revelation on the "Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw" podcast, Savio Vega opened up about the instrumental role Scott Hall played in his entry into the WWE. Vega, a versatile wrestler known for his time as both a revered face and a notorious heel, shared a touching narrative that shed light on the less-known, generous side of the late Scott Hall, whose legacy continues to resonate with fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Vega's journey to WWE began unexpectedly during a chance encounter with Bam Bam Bigelow, a fellow wrestler making his return to the WWE. In a moment of nostalgia, Vega asked Bigelow to pass a message to Hall, recalling their times wrestling together in Puerto Rico.

"I said to him, please, if you see Scott Hall, tell him I say hello. We wrestled here in Puerto Rico many times, the cowboy Scott Hall. We got involved in a few matches," Vega recounted. To his surprise, Bigelow returned on his next tour with Hall's contact information, a gesture that set the wheels in motion for Vega's WWE tryout in New York.

Vega's Rocky Road

However, the path to stardom was not without its hurdles. Vega faced logistical challenges in reaching New York and had to decline other work opportunities in anticipation of his WWE debut. This decision led to a precarious three-month period without work.

"They sent me home, almost three months, I'm starving already, I start working as a security to make money," Vega shared. In a moment of desperation, he reached out to WWE once more, leading to a conversation with Pat Patterson that ultimately launched his WWE career, albeit as the short-lived character Kwang.

Vega's tale is one of resilience and gratitude. Despite the initial struggles and the need to hastily arrange his ring gear while in Mexico, Vega's time in WWE proved fruitful, eventually allowing him to pay off his house.

His story is a testament to the impact one individual can have on another's career, highlighting the camaraderie and unexpected connections that form the fabric of the wrestling community. As Vega fondly remembers Scott Hall, his narrative offers a glimpse into the supportive network that exists behind the scenes in the world of professional wrestling.

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