Bayley Fires Back at WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis Recent Comments


Bayley Fires Back at WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis Recent Comments
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In the world of WWE, feuds are commonplace, but it seems like Bayley, known for her outspoken nature, is not limiting her battles to the wrestling ring alone. Recently, she found herself in a verbal tussle with none other than WWE SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis, and the exchange has created quite a buzz.

During a recent episode of "Gabby AF," Bayley took the opportunity to respond to comments made by Nick Aldis on "The Bump." Aldis had expressed concerns about Bayley's honesty regarding the dynamics within her stable, Damage CTRL, suggesting that her confident exterior might not accurately reflect what's happening behind the scenes.

In her characteristically candid manner, Bayley fired back at Aldis, saying, "Is he trying to be my therapist, Nick Aldis? Look, what you see is what you get with Bayley, OK? That's it." She went on to address the skepticism that has often surrounded her alliances, referencing her previous partnership with Sasha Banks, now performing as Mercedes Moné.

Bayley and Banks once held multiple championships together, but their partnership ended in a bitter feud. Bayley emphasized that what fans see on TV is not the whole story, implying that the backstage camaraderie within Damage CTRL is stronger than outsiders might think.

"They don't know how we are in the backstage area. They don't know that, like, we eat lunch in catering together every day," Bayley explained. "They don't know that I carry their bags and give them rides wherever they want. They appreciate those things, alright? It's fine.

And I'm still their leader you heard on 'SmackDown,' they call me their leader. So we're in good hands."

Bayley's Aldis Critique

Turning her attention back to Aldis, Bayley questioned his experience in the role of General Manager and his understanding of the SmackDown locker room dynamics.

She even added a touch of personal intrigue, mentioning Aldis' marriage to former WWE talent and industry icon Mickie James. "[Nick Aldis is] new to the game. He's new on this show. Get out of here," Bayley retorted. "Yeah, better make sure that I don't go tell his wife on him!"

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