Amazon Secures WWE Raw Broadcast Rights: Analysis by Eric Bischoff


Amazon Secures WWE Raw Broadcast Rights: Analysis by Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff, the former Senior Vice President of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), recently offered his insights on the potential shift of "WWE Raw" TV rights to Amazon. This discussion, part of his "Strictly Business" podcast, comes amidst the wrestling giant's search for a new broadcasting deal.

Amazon, already a player in sports streaming with its Thursday night NFL games, is a top contender for hosting WWE's flagship Monday night show. Bischoff delved into the financial implications of such a move. He hypothesized a scenario where Amazon's performance with "Raw" exceeds expectations by a significant margin, perhaps by 70% to 90%.

This success, according to Bischoff, could open doors to numerous additional revenue streams related to WWE content. He emphasized the importance of data and research in such expansion decisions, suggesting that a successful stint with "Raw" could lead Amazon to make more substantial investments in sports broadcasting.

Furthermore, Bischoff downplayed concerns about the impact of channel changes on wrestling audiences. Drawing parallels with other sports fanbases, he highlighted the loyalty of wrestling fans, likening it to the dedication seen in NASCAR and NFL enthusiasts.

According to Bischoff, wrestling fans are exceptionally committed and will likely follow their favorite shows regardless of the broadcasting platform.

Amazon Eyes WWE Raw

As the landscape of sports broadcasting continues to evolve, the potential acquisition of "WWE Raw" by Amazon could mark a significant milestone.

This move could not only redefine how wrestling content is consumed but also set a precedent for future deals in the sports streaming domain. With WWE's massive fanbase and Amazon's streaming capabilities, this partnership could herald a new era in sports entertainment, bridging traditional TV audiences with the growing digital viewership.

Bischoff's comments shed light on the complexities and opportunities inherent in such a deal, offering a glimpse into the strategic thinking that drives these high-stake negotiations. As WWE and Amazon potentially join forces, the landscape of sports broadcasting awaits a potential game-changer.

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