Melina on Not Retiring Just Yet

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Melina on Not Retiring Just Yet

Melina quit the WWE back in 2011. She still hasn’t totally left the world of professional wrestling. She went on a hiatus but made a comeback in 2015. She now works on the indie circuit. She is currently 40 years old, and she stated on the Chasing Glory podcast that she knows that she doesn’t have much time left in the ring.

She stated that she will not retire anytime soon though. "I just feel like I have one or two years left in me to do wrestling still. I will always be part of wrestling somehow and will always go watch; maybe help if there's a place that needs my help, but I don't see myself wrestling in a ring for very long," revealed Melina.

"Times are changing; things are different. I was always a great character so it's hard because I am such a babyface on the indies that I can't be a heel. I miss being a heel." Melina was a very talented wrestler back in the day.

She worked before the WWE’s Women Revolution started. Back then, women weren’t taken as seriously as they are taken right now. Melina spent most of her time in the WWE as a heel female wrestler. She was well-known for her signature screaming that she used to do while she was ringside. She used flips and other athletic moves while competing.