WWE Veteran Commences Training for Wrestling Comeback Following 11-Year Hiatus


WWE Veteran Commences Training for Wrestling Comeback Following 11-Year Hiatus
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Gabbi Tuft, a former WWE star known as Tyler Reks, is poised to make a highly anticipated return to the wrestling ring after an 11-year hiatus. Tuft, who transitioned and publicly announced her new identity a few years back, has been away from the wrestling scene since requesting her release from WWE in 2012.

Recently, Tuft excitedly shared that she has been medically cleared to resume in-ring activities, marking a significant milestone in her journey back to professional wrestling. In 2023, Tuft expressed her desire to re-enter the pro wrestling arena, stirring excitement among fans and industry insiders.

Her recent update confirms that she has begun rigorous training to prepare for her comeback. On her Instagram, Tuft posted a video showcasing her training regimen, which includes executing arm drags, headlock takeovers, and confidently running the ropes.

Additionally, fans saw Tuft's skill in delivering worked punches and shoulder blocks, demonstrating her readiness to re-engage in the physically demanding sport.

Training with Rhodes Academy

An exciting aspect of Tuft's training is her choice of venue - the Rhodes Wrestling Academy, helmed by AEW star Dustin Rhodes.

This detail adds an intriguing layer to her comeback story as she trains under the guidance of a prominent figure in the wrestling world. Tuft's aspirations extend beyond mere training; she sets her sights on making a splash at the upcoming Royal Rumble Premium Live Event scheduled for January 27th.

This announcement has generated a buzz within the wrestling community, with fans eagerly anticipating her in-ring return. As the countdown to her comeback begins, the wrestling world is abuzz with anticipation. Gabbi Tuft's journey from WWE to her transition and now her return to the ring after over a decade is a story of resilience and determination.

Her presence in the squared circle is a personal triumph and a significant moment in the sport, showcasing the diverse and evolving landscape of professional wrestling. Fans and fellow wrestlers are rallying behind Tuft, eager to witness her re-emergence in a sport that has evolved since her last appearance. Her return promises to be a landmark event, showcasing her athletic prowess and her inspiring journey.