McIntyre's Next Move: WWE or AEW?


McIntyre's Next Move: WWE or AEW?
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, Drew McIntyre has been the subject of widespread speculation and intense discussion among fans for the better part of the last nine months. The heart of these discussions has been his contract with WWE, which has been shrouded in mystery and speculation.

Since the rumors started circulating last WrestleMania weekend about Drew McIntyre's contract approaching its conclusion, there has been rampant speculation about his next career step. Despite these discussions, a recent update from PWInsider in late November revealed that significant progress in contract negotiations with WWE has not been made, leaving fans and industry insiders in a state of eager anticipation about his future direction.

McIntyre's Dominant Streak

Amidst these contract uncertainties, McIntyre's presence on WWE television has been more prominent than ever in the past three years. His villainous heel persona has captivated audiences, and his remarkable matches against renowned wrestlers like Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, and Sami Zayn have been consistent highlights.

Despite the swirling rumors, all indications seem to point towards McIntyre remaining with WWE. However, the possibility of a switch to AEW is still on the table. It's not unprecedented for former WWE talents to transition to AEW.

If McIntyre were to make such a move, it wouldn't be his first time making waves in a competing promotion. McIntyre's decision is eagerly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike, as it could significantly impact the wrestling landscape.

His future, whether it remains with WWE or leads him to new horizons with AEW, is a hotly debated topic, keeping the wrestling community abuzz with anticipation and speculation. In summary, Drew McIntyre's contractual status with WWE remains a focal point of interest.

While his current contributions to WWE TV are more significant than ever, the wrestling world eagerly watches to see if he will renew with WWE or take his talents to AEW. As the situation develops, McIntyre's decision will undoubtedly be a milestone moment in professional wrestling.