Matt Riddle Discloses Possible Reasons Behind WWE Departure


Matt Riddle Discloses Possible Reasons Behind WWE Departure
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In a candid revelation during the latest episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast, former WWE superstar Matt Riddle shed light on the potential reasons behind his unexpected release from the company in September 2023. Riddle's departure came as a surprise to many, considering his successful five-year tenure with WWE, where he claimed titles such as the United States Champion and a two-time Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Randy Orton in the fan-favorite duo, RK-Bro.

Reflecting on his WWE journey, Riddle acknowledged that his tumultuous history with UFC President Dana White, who played a significant role in the merger of UFC and WWE into TKO Group, may have influenced his release. This merger, coupled with Riddle's substantial pay scale, seems to have been a decisive factor in WWE's decision-making process.

"I was getting paid quite a pretty penny," Riddle admitted, revealing that his salary was set to increase to a staggering $1 million the following year, up from $750,000. Additionally, Riddle conceded that his behavior and interactions with WWE's Human Resources department in the months leading up to his release might have contributed to the company's decision.

"I ruffled some feathers with HR," he stated, suggesting that his conduct and certain inquiries he made could have played a role in his departure.

Riddle's Reflections on Career Choices

Despite these challenges, Riddle expressed a sense of introspection and growth.

Looking back at his WWE career, he admitted that, if given the chance, he would have approached certain situations differently. "I probably wouldn’t have talked a lot of sh*t that I talked," he reflected, acknowledging the impact of working on the road and the influence of bad decisions and company.

In a tone of no regrets, Riddle emphasized learning from past mistakes, viewing his WWE exit as an opportunity for new beginnings. "One door shuts and another one opens," he remarked, embodying a forward-looking attitude and embracing the lessons learned from his experiences.

Riddle's candid discussion with Kurt Angle offers a rare glimpse into the intricacies and challenges of a WWE superstar's career, highlighting the delicate balance between professional success and personal conduct in the high-stakes world of wrestling entertainment.

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