Melina on Not Getting a Call from The WWE

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Melina on Not Getting a Call from The WWE

Melina quit the WWE in 2011 and went on a hiatus. She made a return to professional wrestling on the indie circuit in 2015. She still wrestles on the indie circuit and shows no signs of stopping. She was on the Chasing Glory podcast, which is hosted by legendary WWE announcer Lilian Garcia.

On the podcast, she spoke about having no plans on hanging her boots up anytime soon. She also spoke about the fact that she never got a call from the WWE to return. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix are two female superstars who got a call from the WWE are rejoined the company.

On the podcast, she was asked how she feels about not being called. "I am okay. Maybe that plays a factor; I don't know. I am secure in what I have done," stated Melina. "It's not until recently where people were looking back at videos and matches that I have had and actually appreciating them or being able to be open about When people tell me that I am going to be in the Hall of Fame, I tell them that it is okay if I am not.

I saw Chyna, and Chyna deserved to be in for so long I see that as proof that as someone who is even deserving to be in, I knew she was supposed to be there but she wasn't and it's okay."