Matt Riddle Was Going to Team With Jeff Hardy


Matt Riddle Was Going to Team With Jeff Hardy
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Matt Riddle is one of the most popular stars in WWE right now. He is a former MMA fighter, and he became popular after he provoked some popular WWE stars on social media. He is still one of the most active wrestlers on social media and is able to generate quite a lot of interest.

He is known for his near perfect execution of wrestling moves and his promo cutting ability. For a long time, he was known for being Randy Orton’s tag team partner.

Matt Riddle Speaks About Almost Being Put in a Tag Team With Jeff Hardy

Matt has been part of many memorable tag teams throughout his WWE career.

He has worked with Pete Dunne and Randy Orton, as mentioned above. Matt recently revealed that he was about to be put into a tag team with Jeff Hardy at one point, after Matt Hardy left the company to join AEW. However, that never happened.

"We were going to be the Hardy Bros," he told "Signed By Superstars." "I love Jeff. We've talked multiple times since. Jeff didn't feel comfortable being the Hardy Bros because of [the] Hardy Boyz." Riddle added, "I completely understand it.

That's your team and we're changing like two letters. I get it”. During Matt and Jeff’s run in the WWE, they interacted with each other on a few occasions. The audience got a taste of how they would work in a tag team if they were ever put in one.

However, WWE never pushed the duo as a tag team. Riddle started working with Dunne at WWE NXT, and they were known as a Broserweights. Riddle stated that it was some of the most fun he has had during his WWE run. Pete and Matt are totally different characters so they worked very well on the screen, as the contrast was huge.

Riddle is know for being funny, goofy and a wrestler that always smiles. Pete has a very serious look, and is not as animated as Matt. Matt stated that Pete is actually a very serious person in real life as well. According to Matt, Pete usually never laughs or smile, even when he is in a good mood.

"Working with Pete though, Pete elevated my game in tag team wrestling," he said. "Before Pete, I was okay at tag wrestling. After Pete, I had something to bring to tag teams, and then when I started tagging with Randy that's when it really went up."

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