Matt Riddle Near-Team-Up with WWE Star Falls Through Due to Discomfort


Matt Riddle Near-Team-Up with WWE Star Falls Through Due to Discomfort
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In a revealing interview with "Signed By Superstars," WWE superstar Matt Riddle opened up about an intriguing tag team partnership that almost came to fruition. Known for his dynamic presence in the ring, Riddle has notably formed successful tag teams in the past, including memorable stints with Pete Dunne and Randy Orton.

However, the WWE universe was close to witnessing another potential alliance – a pairing with Jeff Hardy, which unfortunately never materialized. Riddle shared, "We were going to be the Hardy Bros," expressing his admiration for Jeff Hardy.

The idea, however, didn't sit well with Hardy, mainly due to its similarity to the iconic 'Hardy Boyz', a tag team primarily involving Jeff Hardy and his brother, Matt Hardy. Riddle understood Hardy's reservations, acknowledging, "That's your team, and we're changing like two letters.

I get it." The concept of Riddle and Hardy as a tag team tantalized fans, especially given their few interactions in WWE, hinting at the chemistry and excitement such a pairing could have offered. Despite the potential, the duo never received an official push as a tag team, leaving audiences to speculate on what might have been.

Riddle's Dynamic Partnerships

Riddle's journey in WWE has been marked by his versatility and ability to adapt to different partnerships. His time with Dunne in "WWE NXT," forming 'The Broserweights,' is particularly noteworthy.

Riddle recalls this period as some of the most enjoyable in his WWE career, not only for the in-ring action but also for the fun experienced during filming. The Riddle-Dunne dynamic was compelling, with Riddle's laid-back, cheerful persona complementing Dunne's more serious demeanor.

Riddle candidly spoke about Dunne's real-life personality, noting his tendency to remain stoic and focused, even in good spirits. This contrast in characters added a unique flavor to their on-screen partnership. Riddle credits Dunne with enhancing his skills in tag team wrestling, stating, "Working with Pete though, Pete elevated my game in tag team wrestling.

Before Pete, I was okay at tag wrestling. After Pete, I had something to bring to tag teams." This evolution in Riddle's approach was further amplified during his time teaming up with Randy Orton, marking a significant growth in his career.

The disclosure of the potential 'Hardy Bros' team adds another layer to the rich tapestry of WWE's tag team history. While fans may feel a sense of missed opportunity, Riddle's reflections offer an intriguing glimpse into the 'what ifs' of WWE's ever-evolving narrative.

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