WWE Star Jinder Mahal Opens Up About Being 'Overlooked'


WWE Star Jinder Mahal Opens Up About Being 'Overlooked'
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As the anticipation builds for the upcoming title match on Monday's episode of "WWE Raw," former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has openly expressed his feelings of being underappreciated within the wrestling community, despite his past achievements in the company.

In a recent candid interview on WWE's "The Bump," Mahal conveyed a mix of pride and frustration, particularly noting how his contributions seemed to have faded from the fans' memory. Mahal, who previously held the coveted WWE Championship, remarked, "I feel great, but at the same time, a bit offended.

It's like I'm invisible to the fans. Despite my efforts in mentoring the next generation and focusing on Indus Sher, I've watched stars like CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Cody Rhodes dominate the spotlight on 'Raw' It feels like the 'Modern Day Maharaja,' the once-revered WWE Champion, has been forgotten.

I believe it's high time I reclaim that spotlight and the championship title."

Mahal vs. Rollins Rivalry

In the interview, Mahal also touched upon his current rivalry with World Champion Seth Rollins. When asked why he thought Rollins overlooked him in his search for new challengers, Mahal reiterated his feelings of being sidelined, not only by the WWE Universe but also by the organization itself.

He pointed out his absence from WWE promotional materials, questioning, "When was the last time you saw the 'Modern Day Maharaja' on any PLE posters, or on the trucks that tour across the United States?" Mahal emphasized that once he secures the title from Rollins, he expects a significant shift in how he's perceived and presented within the WWE.

"Winning back the title will be a game-changer," Mahal stated. "It's not just about reclaiming the championship; it's about reclaiming my rightful place in WWE. It's about showing the world that the 'Modern Day Maharaja' still reigns supreme." This sentiment of being overlooked isn't new in the world of professional wrestling, where the spotlight often shifts rapidly between superstars.

However, Mahal's determination to regain his status and the championship could mark a turning point in his career. His journey from a former champion to someone fighting to remind the world of his legacy is a testament to the ever-evolving narratives in WWE.

As Mahal prepares to face Rollins, there's more at stake than just the title. It's about recognition, respect, and the right to be featured prominently as a key player in the WWE universe. Mahal's candidness and vulnerability in expressing his feelings of neglect reflect a deeper struggle many athletes face in staying relevant in an industry that is constantly evolving and introducing new talent.

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