LA Knight and Grayson Waller Shatter the Internet


LA Knight and Grayson Waller Shatter the Internet
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WWE Superstars LA Knight and Grayson Waller recently made waves on social media with a post that quickly became the talk of the internet. Known for their dynamic presence in the ring, these athletes have a storied history in World Wrestling Entertainment, clashing in numerous matches that have spanned from their NXT days to their current stints on WWE SmackDown.

The buzz began with Waller's Twitter post, where he shared a video expressing his joy at being back in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. However, the scene took an unexpected turn when LA Knight appeared, leading to a humorous exchange as Waller questioned The Megastar's presence.

LA Knight's Candid Revelations

In a candid interview on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, LA Knight opened up about the challenges he faced with his initial main roster character, Max Dupri. He shared his frustrations with the role and his concerns about his future in WWE.

"It [the Max Dupri character] just was not going well. And I was very unhappy. And I'm sure he [Vince McMahon] probably was, and then at some point, it was just like, all of a sudden, I'm not on TV and I'm like, well, I'm pretty sure I'm fired.

Pretty sure this whole ride is over. And at that point, I'm kind of looking at other options and what I can do and where I can go to kind of, you know, just keep my whole thing rolling," Knight explained. Despite these challenges, LA Knight has remarkably transitioned into one of WWE's main attractions.

He is now set to compete in a highly anticipated Fatal Four-Way Match against Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the 2024 Royal Rumble. This match promises to be a highlight of his career and could potentially cement his status as a top-tier WWE superstar.

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