Tommy Dreamer Reflects on Jake Roberts' WWE Hall of Fame Legacy


Tommy Dreamer Reflects on Jake Roberts' WWE Hall of Fame Legacy
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WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts, though never crowned with championship glory, is widely celebrated as a wrestling legend. Recently, during an appearance on "The Snake Pit," fellow wrestling veteran Tommy Dreamer offered insights into what he believes will define Roberts' enduring legacy.

Dreamer highlighted two key elements that will forever be associated with Roberts: the iconic DDT move and his personal battle with inner demons. He emphasized that these aspects would form the cornerstone of Roberts' legacy, stating, "I would say being different, I would also say DDT — they go hand-in-hand.

What he would be is a survivor. And when I say survivor, he talked about it, about not wanting to live anymore. He talked about having strained relationships with his family because he had a drug problem."

Jake's Influence Beyond Wrestling

Dreamer underscored the significance of Roberts' transformation and the resilience he displayed throughout his life, citing them as powerful testaments to his survivor status.

He remarked that Roberts' influence extended beyond the wrestling ring, recounting moments when Roberts effortlessly commanded attention even when he wasn't portraying "Jake the Snake." Dreamer noted, "I've seen him steal the room when he's not even trying to be Jake the Snake because it's a room of wrestlers." Dreamer observed that Roberts' life story was reflected in the depth of emotion conveyed through his eyes when meeting people, further solidifying his status as a survivor.

"I think he's a great story of a survivor and how your life can change, and when you're at your lowest point, you can change." Notably, Diamond Dallas Page played a pivotal role in Roberts' remarkable journey towards recovery, and Dreamer commended Page's unwavering support.

Dreamer acknowledged the importance of individuals like DDP in the world who genuinely want to assist others in their struggles, highlighting that extending a helping hand is a noble endeavor. Ultimately, Dreamer attributed Roberts' survival to the wrestler himself, emphasizing the importance of personal determination in the journey to wellness.

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