Ex-WWE Star Attributes UFC Merger to His Releas


Ex-WWE Star Attributes UFC Merger to His Releas
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In a recent candid discussion on "The Kurt Angle Show," former WWE star Matt Riddle opened up about his departure from the wrestling giant, attributing it to a combination of factors including his past in the UFC, a contentious relationship with Dana White, and his own actions.

Prior to making waves in the WWE, Riddle's career in the UFC was marked by controversy. His tenure in the mixed martial arts league, coupled with its eventual merger with WWE, seemingly cast a long shadow over his professional wrestling journey.

Riddle, known as "The Original Bro," candidly admitted that the UFC-WWE merger in September didn't play in his favor. "Dana White and I don't have the greatest relationship, and I know he's a big part of that," Riddle remarked, hinting at strained ties with the UFC President.

Additionally, he acknowledged the financial implications of his contract, revealing that he was on track to earn a significant sum by year's end. "I was gonna get paid a million dollars," Riddle disclosed, referring to a raise he received from John Laurinaitis.

Riddle's Controversial Exit

However, Riddle's own conduct may have also played a role in his WWE exit. He faced a controversial incident at JFK International Airport, where he was involved in an altercation with the police.

The incident escalated with Riddle accusing an officer of sexual harassment, following an allegedly inebriated dispute. This episode likely contributed to the WWE's decision amidst their budget cuts. Since his departure, Riddle's wrestling career has taken a new turn.

With his non-compete clause no longer in effect, he made a striking debut in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Riddle is set to challenge Hiroshi Tanahashi for the NJPW World TV Championship at NJPW New Beginning In Sapporo on February 23.

His journey in NJPW began in San Jose, where he teamed up with Jeff Cobb of United Empire to defeat the duo of Zack Sabre Jr. and Bad Dude Tito from TMDK. Riddle's transition from the WWE to NJPW marks a significant shift in his career trajectory, bringing new opportunities and challenges in the world of professional wrestling.

His story serves as a reminder of how past actions and relationships can influence one's career path, especially in the high-stakes world of sports entertainment.