Gail Kim Teases Almost Reigniting Iconic TNA Rivalry in WWE


Gail Kim Teases Almost Reigniting Iconic TNA Rivalry in WWE
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In a recent revelation that has stirred the wrestling community, Gail Kim disclosed that she was close to reigniting her legendary rivalry with Awesome Kong in WWE, a feud that had previously electrified audiences in TNA Wrestling.

Despite both superstars being under the WWE umbrella simultaneously, plans to pit them against each other never materialized, leaving fans to wonder what could have been. Speaking candidly on "Ring The Belle," Kim reflected on the missed opportunity, suggesting that WWE's creative direction and storytelling preferences played a role.

"I don't know if they'd want to repeat the same stories that would happen again and they had different plans," she explained. Kim also disclosed that she was initially slated to be Kong's first singles opponent in WWE. However, this plan was derailed when Kong, known as Kharma in WWE, announced her pregnancy.

Kim-Kong: Wrestling Legends

The rivalry between Kim and Kong is etched in professional wrestling history as a cornerstone of the TNA Wrestling women's division. Their intense and groundbreaking matches not only set a new standard for the Knockouts division but also significantly contributed to elevating women's wrestling as a whole.

Unfortunately, their WWE careers did not mirror their TNA successes. Notably, Kong's WWE tenure was brief, with her most memorable appearance being in the 2012 men's Royal Rumble match. Reflecting on the unrealized WWE chapter of their rivalry, Kim expressed a sense of serendipity.

She believes that not reprising their feud under the WWE spotlight was "a blessing in disguise." Kim felt that their legacy, built meticulously in TNA, might not have received the same reverence in WWE. "So, I just took it as a blessing from God, because I felt like God protected our legacy together," she stated.

According to Kim, the original plans in WWE for their rivalry did not align with preserving the monumental legacy they had created. This revelation from Kim has sparked a renewed interest in one of wrestling's most celebrated rivalries, reminding fans of the unmatched chemistry and storytelling prowess of Kim and Kong.

Their saga, a defining moment in women's wrestling history, continues to be revered and missed by fans worldwide, who can only speculate about the what-ifs of their WWE encounters.

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