AJ Francis, Ex-WWE's Top Dolla, Ponders His Wrestling Career's Direction


AJ Francis, Ex-WWE's Top Dolla, Ponders His Wrestling Career's Direction
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AJ Francis, formerly known as Top Dolla in WWE, has recently marked a significant shift in his wrestling career by making a striking debut in TNA Wrestling. His first appearance at the "Hard To Kill" pre-show was marked by a notable physical confrontation with Joe Hendry.

This move comes after Francis´ 90-day non-compete clause following his WWE departure reached its conclusion, allowing him to explore new horizons in the wrestling world. Francis, a former prominent figure in WWE´s Hit Row, has indicated his enthusiasm for a broader engagement in the wrestling scene.

"I´m gonna be everywhere. You´re gonna get sick of seeing me," he confidently proclaimed on the "Oh You Didn´t Know?" podcast. In a candid conversation, Francis expressed his determination to make a mark across various wrestling platforms.

"I keep saying it, and I say this to everybody that asks me, and I´m telling you, I´m going to be everywhere. I got a point to prove," he stated emphatically. He further highlighted his openness to opportunities, affirming, "If you send me a flight, I´m coming." This approach signals a new phase in Francis´ career, where geographical boundaries and brand affiliations seem to hold little sway over his choices.

Francis also touched upon the financial aspects of his career, revealing that his contract with "WWE NXT" was the least lucrative he had signed as an adult. However, money does not seem to be the primary driving force for him at this juncture.

Instead, Francis is keen on establishing himself as a singles competitor, stepping away from tag team wrestling to focus on his individual prowess in the ring.

Emulating Matt Cardona´s Path

A key influence in Francis´ current mindset is the success story of Matt Cardona outside WWE.

Admiring Cardona´s trajectory, Francis aims to emulate his success in the independent wrestling scene. "I´m trying to be Black Cardona, you feel me," he remarked, acknowledging Cardona´s strategy of leveraging social media and other platforms to build a personal brand.

Francis appreciates Cardona´s proactive approach to shaping his career and is keen on applying similar strategies to his own journey. As Francis embarks on this new chapter, his determination and adaptability are evident.

His approach, blending mobility with a keen eye on personal branding, signals an exciting phase for his fans and the wrestling community. Francis´ journey will be closely watched as he navigates the diverse landscape of professional wrestling, promising an engaging and dynamic presence across various stages.

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