Former WWE Star Dana Brooke on Her Transition to TNA as 'Ash by Elegance'


Former WWE Star Dana Brooke on Her Transition to TNA as 'Ash by Elegance'
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In a striking transition from her WWE persona, Dana Brooke, now known as Ash by Elegance, made a captivating debut at TNA Wrestling's Hard to Kill pay-per-view. The event, which saw her attentively observing the Knockouts title match, also served as a platform for Brooke to unveil her revamped character.

This transformation marks a significant departure from the image she cultivated during her tenure with WWE. During a revealing conversation on "Busted Open Radio," Brooke delved into the nuances of her new gimmick, Ash by Elegance.

She described the persona as an embodiment of her personal ethos, centered around elegance a concept she interprets as a fusion of class, beauty, and refinement. Brooke expressed her enthusiasm to infuse these elements into her in-ring performance, aiming to redefine the notions of class and elegance for the TNA audience.

Embracing Authenticity in TNA

Brooke emphasized the authenticity of the Ash by Elegance character, describing it as a natural extension of her personality. Reflecting on her WWE journey, she acknowledged the various roles she undertook, adapting to each with commitment and versatility.

However, with this new chapter in TNA, Brooke feels empowered to embrace and showcase her true self. This transition, she believes, resonates deeply with her, offering a more genuine representation of her identity. The former WWE star also shared her optimism about the synergy between her persona and TNA's Knockouts division.

She views this as an ideal environment to fully realize and demonstrate her potential, something she's eagerly anticipating. Brooke's move to TNA follows her release from WWE on September 21, concluding a decade-long association with the organization.

Brooke's journey from Dana Brooke to Ash by Elegance symbolizes a personal and professional rebirth. Her determination to redefine her image and capabilities in TNA's dynamic landscape highlights her commitment to evolution and growth within the world of professional wrestling.

As she embarks on this new path, Brooke's transformation promises to bring a unique and captivating dimension to TNA's Knockouts division.

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