Steph De Lander Discusses the Changes in Her Wrestling Career Post-WWE NXT


Steph De Lander Discusses the Changes in Her Wrestling Career Post-WWE NXT
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In a recent candid interview on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," former WWE NXT star Steph De Lander reflected on the evolution of her wrestling career post-WWE, highlighting the significant changes and newfound confidence she has experienced on the independent circuit.

Accompanied by fellow wrestler Matt Cardona, De Lander's journey through the indie wrestling scene has been marked by a transformative rediscovery of her passion and identity in the sport.

Confidence Redefined

De Lander, who graced the WWE NXT arena as Persia Pirotta, shared her insights into the stark contrast between her time in WWE and her current tenure in independent wrestling.

"The biggest difference is my confidence and knowing myself. I understand what I want the audience to perceive and how I wish to be portrayed," De Lander remarked. Her newfound self-assurance is palpable in her performances, offering a stark comparison to her NXT days.

"There's a visible change. I feel and appear more certain of myself," she added. The shift in De Lander's career trajectory, she reveals, is rooted in a conscious decision to take a hiatus from wrestling. This break was pivotal in reigniting her love for the sport.

"I wasn't enjoying my work, and it didn't feel right. So, I took six months off," De Lander disclosed. This period of reflection was crucial in preventing potential damage to her career, which at the time, was hindered by a lack of motivation and enjoyment.

The Australian wrestler's departure from WWE in April 2022 came as a significant shock. Yet, it was this unexpected turn of events that allowed her to reassess her goals and aspirations in wrestling. This introspection has been instrumental in her thriving indie career.

Known for her dynamic presence and robust wrestling style, De Lander's journey is a testament to resilience and the power of self-discovery in professional wrestling. Her story resonates with many in the industry, showcasing the transformative potential of career challenges and the importance of personal growth in the high-stakes world of professional wrestling.