Veteran Furious as WWE Skips Booking CM Punk for Raw, Blasts Company in Outrage


Veteran Furious as WWE Skips Booking CM Punk for Raw, Blasts Company in Outrage
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CM Punk, the renowned WWE star, recently made headlines after his noticeable absence from the latest episode of Raw, sparking controversy among fans and insiders alike. The situation escalated when former WWE writer Vince Russo openly criticized the company for not featuring Punk in the show, especially with the Royal Rumble event fast approaching.

On the Legion of RAW podcast, Russo expressed his frustration about Punk's absence. He suggested that WWE could have easily requested a video promo from Punk, even if it were recorded via phone, to maintain his presence on the show.

"In today's world, where everyone has a phone, it's absurd not to have Punk's input in some form. His absence was glaring and, frankly, a missed opportunity by WWE," Russo commented.

Punk's Eagerly Awaited Return

The good news for fans, however, is that WWE has announced Punk's return in the next episode of Raw.

This highly anticipated segment will feature Punk facing off against Cody Rhodes, setting the stage for what promises to be an explosive encounter. The excitement among the WWE community is palpable, as both stars are scheduled to participate in the men's Royal Rumble match, with their sights set on headlining WrestleMania.

The upcoming segment between Punk and Rhodes is not just a mere promotion for the Royal Rumble; it represents a strategic move by WWE to heighten anticipation and intrigue among its audience. The dynamic between Punk and Rhodes, both exceptionally talented and popular wrestlers, adds a layer of excitement to the already electric atmosphere surrounding the Royal Rumble.

As the WWE universe gears up for this major event, all eyes will be on how the company leverages the talents of CM Punk and Cody Rhodes. Their storyline, pivotal to the buildup for WrestleMania, is a critical element in WWE's programming.

This upcoming episode of Raw is not just another wrestling show; it's a showcase of storytelling and athleticism, a testament to WWE's ability to keep fans on the edge of their seats. This development in WWE's narrative is a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where storylines and character arcs are as crucial as the in-ring performances.

As we edge closer to the Royal Rumble, the anticipation and speculation only grow, proving once again why WWE remains a powerhouse in sports entertainment.

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