Lio Rush Highlights His Top WWE Storyline


Lio Rush Highlights His Top WWE Storyline
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In a candid reflection on his wrestling career, former WWE Superstar Lio Rush recently divulged his most cherished rivalry during his tenure with World Wrestling Entertainment. Engaged with WWE from 2017 to 2020, Rush's journey was abruptly cut short due to his release amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

His revelations came to light on the "Unscriptify" podcast, where he shared insights into the creative peaks of his wrestling saga. "The most memorable and creatively satisfying feud for me was definitely with Angel Garza," Rush revealed.

He reminisced about the depth of character development, engaging promos, and the robust storyline that characterized their rivalry. "The matches were not just entertaining but also creatively fulfilling. Those times were indeed some of the best in my career, and together, we really raised the bar," he added.

This rivalry, a highlight of Rush's career, revolved around the NXT Cruiserweight Championship towards the end of 2019. Their initial encounter saw Rush retaining his title against Garza. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Garza emerged victorious in their rematch on the December 11th episode of NXT.

This intense feud extended to various house shows in late 2019 and culminated in February 2020, where Rush emerged triumphant in their final face-off.

Rush's Post-WWE Journey

Post-WWE, Rush has ventured into diverse wrestling territories, showcasing his talent in promotions such as AEW, Impact Wrestling (now TNA Wrestling), and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Currently a free agent, Rush is exploring the independent wrestling scene, not yet committing to a full-time deal with any organization. Meanwhile, his former rival Garza, now known as Angel, remains with WWE. He is part of the Latino World Order, teaming up with his cousin Humberto to continue making waves in the wrestling world.

This exclusive insight into Lio Rush's WWE experience not only highlights the significance of creative storytelling in wrestling but also sheds light on the personal journeys of wrestlers as they navigate their careers in this dynamic sport.

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