Rhea Ripley Teases Showdown Before Royal Rumble: "Story to Finish"


Rhea Ripley Teases Showdown Before Royal Rumble: "Story to Finish"
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As the anticipation for Royal Rumble 2024 reaches a fever pitch, all eyes are on WWE Women´s World Champion Rhea Ripley. The formidable champion is set to defend her title on the path to WrestleMania 40, with numerous top-tier stars eyeing her coveted gold.

Among them is SmackDown Superstar Zelina Vega, who has recently made headlines with her bold aspirations leading up to the prestigious January 27 event. Vega, a real-life friend and former rival of Ripley, has reignited interest in their past feuds.

Both athletes have been central figures in WWE´s compelling narratives, representing their factions – LWO for Vega and The Judgment Day for Ripley – when the two groups clashed last year. This backdrop sets the stage for a potentially explosive showdown.

The intrigue deepened when a fan on Twitter queried Vega about her dream opponent if she were to headline WrestleMania 40. Vega´s cryptic response hinted at a deep-seated desire to complete a personal journey, possibly by clinching the women´s Royal Rumble match to set up a championship battle with Ripley.

"There’s really only one person that makes sense. I have a story to finish too," Vega posted, stirring speculation and excitement among the WWE fanbase. Adding to the intrigue, Vega humorously addressed a fan´s suggestion about facing Cody Rhodes, emphasizing the personal nature of her quest.

"Haha, not that kind of a story. Mine is more for just me. If I would have told you who, you’d know why. But .. that’s just for me," she responded.

Vega´s WrestleMania Ambition

Vega´s history with Ripley includes a memorable but unsuccessful challenge for the SmackDown Women´s Championship at the 2023 Backlash Premium Live Event.

Now, with the grandest stage of WrestleMania 40 on the horizon and the prestigious Women´s World Championship at stake, Vega´s motivation to triumph in the 2024 women´s Royal Rumble is palpable. As fans eagerly speculate and debate the outcome, WWE continues to weave a narrative tapestry that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

With WrestleMania 40 fast approaching, the possibility of a new WWE Women´s World Champion being crowned remains a tantalizing prospect. The world waits with bated breath to see what unfolds in the ring and what plans WWE has in store for the indomitable Rhea Ripley.

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