Ex-WCW Star Highlights Eric Bischoff's Martial Arts Skills Behind the Scenes


Ex-WCW Star Highlights Eric Bischoff's Martial Arts Skills Behind the Scenes
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In a recent revelation on AdFreeShows, former WCW manager Sonny Onoo shed light on the less-talked-about aspect of Eric Bischoff´s career - his remarkable proficiency in martial arts. Best known for his pivotal role in WCW and the iconic "Monday Night Wars," and later as an influential figure in WWE, Bischoff´s combative talents in martial arts have often been overshadowed by his executive accomplishments.

Onoo, a veteran in the wrestling industry, delved into the competitive nature that he shared with Bischoff. “Eric’s competitive streak was not just confined to the wrestling industry,” Onoo said. He reminisced about Bischoff’s appearance on CBS Sports, highlighting his impressive skills in the ring.

“Eric wasn’t just a fighter; he was a formidable one at that. I remember this one poster of Eric competing in a National Card - it was a semi-contact match, what´s now known as kickboxing”. Bischoff, who ventured into point karate – a discipline Onoo likens to fencing due to its precision and technique, encountered challenges due to his intense fighting style.

Onoo elaborated, “In point karate, there’s a brief window to score post a takedown, but Eric’s approach was more direct and forceful. His fighting instinct often clashed with the sport’s subtler techniques”.

Bischoff´s Signature Technique

A particular move of Bischoff’s was a frequent subject of discussion – his potent left-hand strike. Onoo described the technique vividly: “Eric had this tactic where he’d use his right hand to grapple and unbalance you by sweeping the front leg, simultaneously delivering a powerful left punch.

It was a sight, but often, it led to his opponents´ heads striking the mat hard”. This aggressive approach, while showcasing Bischoff’s fighting spirit, often led to disqualifications as it strayed from the controlled combat expected in the sport.

“Eric’s moves, although effective, weren´t always within the rules, resulting in frequent disqualifications. It seems winning wasn’t his only goal; he relished the fight itself,” Onoo reflected.

Bischoff´s journey in martial arts, marked by both skill and a fierce competitive nature, adds another layer to the multifaceted persona he´s known for in the wrestling world. This revelation from Onoo not only highlights Bischoff’s versatility but also underscores the often-unseen depths of personalities in the wrestling industry.

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