Bully Ray Likens WWE Star to Spartan Warrior


Bully Ray Likens WWE Star to Spartan Warrior
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WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray recently took to "Busted Open Radio" to express his high regard for the rising "WWE NXT" star, Oba Femi. Drawing a striking comparison, Bully Ray recalled the famed Spartan leader from the movie ´300´, Leonidas, known for his iconic line, ´This is Sparta.´ He sees a similar warrior spirit in Femi, emphasizing the authenticity and conviction in Femi´s approach.

"This guy, Oba Femi, sounds like a warrior," Bully Ray stated, acknowledging the crowd´s warrior-like chant in response to Femi´s presence. He contrasted this with his previous concerns about Drew McIntyre´s believability, noting a recent change in McIntyre but highlighting Femi´s natural warrior-like demeanor.

Oba Femi´s journey to the spotlight has been nothing short of remarkable. The Next in Line program graduate made waves by cashing in his Men´s "NXT" Breakout Tournament contract against Dragon Lee, clinching the "NXT" North American Championship.

The Nigerian-born wrestler´s path to this opportunity was marked by impressive victories over Myles Borne, Tavion Heights, and Riley Osborne in the elimination tournament, showcasing his skill and determination.

Femi´s Bold Championship Stand

The "NXT" universe witnessed Femi´s charismatic presence this past Tuesday when he delivered his first championship promo.

Exuding confidence and determination, Femi vowed to "crush to dust every man that stands in his way," a declaration that soon brought Dragon Lee to the ring, seeking a rematch. Femi, now holding the championship title, turned down Lee´s immediate request but hinted at a potential clash at the upcoming Vengeance Day premium live event.

Femi´s ascent in "WWE NXT" has captured the attention of fans and industry veterans alike, with his performance and persona resonating strongly within the wrestling community. As he navigates his journey as the "NXT" North American Champion, eyes are undoubtedly on this emerging talent, eager to see how his career unfolds in the high-stakes world of WWE.

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