Mace Recalls WWE Commentary Stint as Dio Maddin


Mace Recalls WWE Commentary Stint as Dio Maddin
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Former WWE Superstar Mace, who once graced the squared circle and gridiron, embarked on a different journey as the color commentator for "WWE Raw" under the moniker Dio Maddin. In an exclusive interview with "Wrestling News Co," the former Retribution member shared the intriguing tale of how this unexpected opportunity unfolded.

Mace's connection with the world of WWE began before his commentary gig. After concluding his football career with the Houston Texans, he reached out to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, seeking guidance and training for a potential WWE tryout.

Mace recalled his initial approach to Booker, saying, "I said, 'Hey Booker, can you train me so I don't look like a goof during this tryout?' He coached me tirelessly, ensuring I was well-prepared, and that preparation ultimately secured my WWE contract, albeit initially for developmental purposes." During Mace's tenure with WWE, he found himself in the midst of the "black and gold" era of "WWE NXT," which primarily showcased independent wrestling talents.

His primary responsibilities at the time were waiting and honing his skills through rigorous training. It wasn't until a significant shift occurred within WWE that Mace received a call to venture into the world of commentary.

Commentary Role Transformation

Mace elaborated, "I transitioned to commentary when Paul Heyman assumed the role of lead showrunner for 'Raw.' There was a deliberate effort to revamp the entire show, including the commentary team.

This is when Vic Joseph and I were brought in." His experience on the commentary team was quite unique, as he was not called upon to draw solely from his wrestling background. Instead, he was tasked with representing the voice of the younger generation, aiming to provide "Raw" with a fresh and distinctive sound.

Despite the unconventional nature of his role, Mace thoroughly enjoyed his time as Dio Maddin. He embraced the challenge, even if it meant occasionally dashing for cover from the explosive pyrotechnics that lit up the stage before each episode of "Raw."