EC3 Reflects on Epic Rivalry with Dean Ambrose in WWE


EC3 Reflects on Epic Rivalry with Dean Ambrose in WWE
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In the realm of professional wrestling, the conclusion of Jon Moxley's tenure in WWE, known by his ring name Dean Ambrose, was marked by an unusual and public transition. Unlike the discreet departures that often take place within the industry, Ambrose's impending exit was openly discussed on social media and WWE programming in the months leading up to his departure in the spring of 2019.

During this period, Ambrose experienced a final run with the iconic faction, The Shield, endured an unexpected assault by Nia Jax, and engaged in a series of brief rivalries that ultimately failed to make a lasting impact.

One of those fleeting feuds involved EC3, a former WWE star who recently revisited his rivalry with the former AEW World Champion during an appearance on Chris Van Vliet's podcast, 'Insight.' Even EC3 himself was candid about his less-than-stellar recollection of the feud.

"So the match, we had a decent little match. It's a TV match," EC3 remarked. "I think I won with a roll-up, instead of, well, maybe I should have just dominated him. But in the end, it didn't seem to matter because the momentum was squashed the following week anyway."

Creative Struggles in Ambrose Feud

EC3 pointed out that the primary issue with his feud against Ambrose was the disparity between their televised matches and their untelevised house show encounters.

Their live events, where they were given more creative freedom, received positive responses from the audience, largely due to their ability to showcase a more unrestrained style. The former WWE star fondly recalled a particular house show match where they effectively switched the face/heel dynamic, creating a unique dynamic that he enjoyed.

However, this creative divergence didn't align with Vince McMahon's vision, and the chairman insisted on a different approach. "When you go against the system, it can be seen as a challenge to his authority," EC3 explained.

"As a result, the momentum we had built was abruptly halted on television, leading to a disappointing conclusion for our rivalry." In retrospect, EC3's reflections offer insight into the complexities of creative control and decision-making within WWE, shedding light on the challenges faced by wrestlers striving for unique and engaging storylines.

While their house show matches may have sparked interest, the rigid demands of televised programming ultimately dictated the course of their rivalry, leaving fans with a sense of missed potential.

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