Roman Reigns Crucial SmackDown: Solo Sikoa's Potential Walkout Looms


Roman Reigns Crucial SmackDown: Solo Sikoa's Potential Walkout Looms
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Tonight´s episode of WWE SmackDown is poised to be a pivotal one for Roman Reigns, as he prepares for a high-stakes contract signing ahead of his Royal Rumble match. Reigns, holding the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, is set to face a formidable trio of challengers: Randy Orton, LA Knight, and AJ Styles.

This matchup follows a tumultuous week where Reigns’ associates, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, suffered a severe beating at the hands of these contenders, highlighted by a triple powerbomb on Sikoa, reminiscent of Reigns’ time with The Shield.

Speculation is rife about potential rifts within The Bloodline, especially involving Solo Sikoa. After last week´s events, where Reigns´ absence led to a disadvantageous handicap match for Jimmy and Solo, there´s a growing buzz around Sikoa possibly expressing his discontent.

Could tonight´s SmackDown see Sikoa make a bold statement by walking out during the contract signing?

Speculation Over Solo´s Future

The wrestling community is abuzz with predictions and hints, particularly following a suggestive GIF posted by the reputed Twitter account, BWE.

The GIF, featuring Reigns and Solo, coupled with BWE’s remarks about "blood boiling," has fueled speculation of a major development. However, WWE might opt for a more gradual escalation of tensions, rather than an outright walkout.

This approach aligns with their narrative style, slowly building up to a potential showdown between Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa, possibly culminating around SummerSlam. A future face-off between Reigns and Sikoa could be WWE’s grand plan.

Reigns, by positioning Sikoa as The Tribal Heir, might be grooming him to take over as The Head of the Table. This ongoing storyline has been subtly hinting at underlying tensions, and any development on SmackDown would be a natural progression of this narrative.

Yet, there´s debate about whether Sikoa is the right character to eventually dethrone Reigns, who has had a lengthy reign as the Universal Champion. Some argue that Cody Rhodes would be a more fitting choice for this honor, with Sikoa gaining prominence post-Reigns’ potential defeat to Rhodes.

In the ever-evolving world of WWE, these dynamics point towards an intriguing possibility: The Enforcer, Solo Sikoa, could eventually emerge as the new Tribal Chief, possibly with Paul Heyman by his side. As fans eagerly tune in to tonight’s SmackDown, the stage is set for yet another captivating chapter in WWE´s rich storytelling tapestry.

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