Gerald Brisco Shares Insights from Talks with WWE Icon Terry Funk


Gerald Brisco Shares Insights from Talks with WWE Icon Terry Funk

In the world of professional wrestling, few names resonate as profoundly as Terry Funk, a legend whose recent passing left a lasting impact on the industry. Gerald Brisco, a notable figure in wrestling himself, recently shed light on his experiences and storied feud with Funk during an appearance on "Under The Ring." Early in his career, Funk, alongside his brother Dory Funk Jr., engaged in a now-legendary rivalry with the Brisco Brothers, a narrative that Brisco vividly recounted.

He described their dynamic as a blend of athletic prowess and mutual respect, devoid of any egos. "We got into several conversations about it, and Terry always said it was about four athletic guys, each with a strong belief in their partners and opponents, without any ego," Brisco shared.

This feud, iconic in its own right, was characterized by a unique camaraderie among the competitors. Funk emphasized the absence of grudges and a deep understanding of each other's capabilities. Brisco, in his reflections, also highlighted the influence of the Funk brothers' father, Dory Funk Sr., a renowned amateur wrestler from Indiana, underscoring the athletic legacy that fueled their performances.

"Their background in amateur wrestling significantly shaped their style," Brisco noted.

Cultural Showdown: Brisco vs. Funk

Adding layers to the rivalry, Brisco pointed out the contrasts that made their feud compelling, likening it to a classic "Cowboys versus Indians" narrative.

With the Funks hailing from Texas and the Briscos from Oklahoma, their clash was not just a battle in the ring but a cultural showdown. "It was a perfect storm of two Texans, two Oklahomans, two cowboys, and two Indians. It was a storyline that resonated with fans, giving them exactly what they yearned for," he explained.

Towards the end of his life, Brisco maintained a close relationship with Funk, engaging in regular conversations that underlined their mutual respect and friendship. "We talked two or three times a month, right up until his passing," Brisco revealed.

This reminiscence by Gerald Brisco not only pays tribute to Terry Funk's extraordinary legacy but also encapsulates a golden era in wrestling history. Their story, marked by respect, athleticism, and storytelling, remains a testament to the enduring spirit of professional wrestling.

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