Ex-WWE Star Aliyah Slams Fans for Exclusive Content Rejection Reaction

Exploring Post-WWE Paths: Aliyah's Unique Career Direction Shift

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Star Aliyah Slams Fans for Exclusive Content Rejection Reaction
© WWE/YouTube

Former WWE star Aliyah has recently been in the spotlight, not for her in-ring performances but for her decision to turn down offers from exclusive content websites. Despite a strong fanbase eager to see her achieve notable success in WWE, Aliyah’s journey with the organization came to an unexpected halt in September last year.

Since her release, she has been exploring different career avenues, diverging from the path many of her peers have taken following their departure from WWE. Aliyah’s time with WWE was marked by various challenges, including frequent absences from WWE programming, and expressed frustrations regarding her position within the company.

These difficulties have shaped her post-WWE career choices, leading her to pursue opportunities beyond the wrestling ring.

Aliyah's Unconventional Choice

In the wake of their release, several former WWE Superstars have ventured into creating their exclusive content sites, catering to a dedicated fan following.

This trend led to speculation that Aliyah might follow suit. However, she chose a different route, a decision that didn’t sit well with a segment of her fanbase. The issue came to light when a fan on Twitter questioned the negative attention Aliyah had been receiving.

In response, Aliyah revealed that she believed the backlash was a result of her rejecting offers from various exclusive content platforms. She tweeted, “Idk I just kindly rejected all these offers from all these exclusive content websites and now the Twitter police are after me”.

Aliyah is set to make an appearance as a guest DJ at the Remix Rumble, a pro-wrestling-themed nightclub event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Scheduled for January 26th at The Henry, this engagement marks a new chapter in her career, showcasing her versatility and willingness to explore diverse roles outside the wrestling world.

As Aliyah embarks on this new journey, her future seems full of possibilities. Her decision to carve her path post-WWE is a testament to her individuality and determination. Fans and industry observers alike are keen to see how she will continue to evolve and make her mark in the entertainment world.